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Unlike conventional web views, this native mobile app offers enhanced capabilities, ensuring a seamless and powerful user experience

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Transforms your Qlik analytics into a mobile experience!

Branding Customisation

Make the Qlik mobile app seamlessly reflect your company's branding for a familiar user experience.

Custom Mobile Viz/Charts:

Transform your Qlik objects into clear, mobile-friendly charts for effortless data visualisation on the go.

Effortless Navigation

Explore your data smoothly with advanced bookmarks and intuitive gestures designed for mobile devices.

Quick Chart Summaries

Grasp key points instantly with concise chart summaries. Hear them read aloud with text-to-speech for added convenience.

AI-Powered Decisions

Uncover hidden insights directly within your Qlik app using powerful AI for data-driven decision-making.

Hands-Free Exploration

Navigate and interact with your data using voice commands, freeing yourself from on-screen interaction for a truly hands-free experience.

Text to Speech

Have your data points read out to you for easier understanding.

Simple Setup

Forget complex setups! Leverage your existing Qlik app and data – Q^plus Mobile makes mobilisation effortless.

Transform how you use mobile analytics with Q^plus Mobile. Contact us  for more information

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