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A Team of Experts

Founder & Managing Partner

A seasoned Business Intelligence Consultant, boasts 20+ years of experience driving Data in Action. A trailblazer in Switzerland and Germany, he spearheads global business and operations. With a knack for cultivating data-driven excellence, he transforms organizations, nurtures high-performance teams, and fuels growth through strategic insights and talent spotting.

Executive Assistant & Head of Accounting

Drawing upon more than two decades of experience, I am a seasoned professional specializing in accounting, administration, and HR. I am deeply committed to elevating organizational excellence by harnessing my extensive financial knowledge and HR acumen. My unwavering dedication is to drive value and optimize processes to foster a thriving workplace

Managing Partner

A 20+ year experienced business professional with a diverse background and a strong dedication to driving innovative and sustainable solutions. With broad-ranging knowledge in consulting, leadership and project management, Paul consistently delivers value to customers. He thrives in high-performance teams, effectively collaborating and leading them to success.

Managing Partner

With over 15 years of remarkable experience in analytics consulting and solution delivery, Christof shines as our Managing Partner and Head of Analytics. From collaborating with global enterprises like Coca-Cola to driving transformative projects at Erste Bank Group & many more. Christof's expertise in Qlik Technologies and Business Intelligence is unmatched.

Managing Partner

Armed with extensive knowledge across various domains and a vast experience in project management and consulting, Eyal has consistently proven himself as a driving force in the enterprise-level project arena. Beyond leading teams, his expertise in architecting data solutions has consistently surpassed business expectations, fostering innovation and streamlining efficiency throughout operations.

Managing Partner

Boasts 12+ years in cutting-edge analytics. Bridging tech and consultancy with a computer science background, he's excelled in public, financial, and assurance sectors. His data/\bridge mission is to redefine analytics, delivering unique, user-focused solutions. Multilingual, Patric adds analytical depth, precision, and structure. A collaborative, fast-paced expert, he's passionate about sports, animals, and nature in Switzerland.

MD BU India

As the Managing Director of the Business Unit in India, Lohit comes with more than a decade of experience in Qlik Development, Modeling, Delivery and Support. He is a pivotal figure within our team, offering a wealth of experience and expertise. His contributions are instrumental in steering our organization towards the achievement of successful business solutions.

MD BU India

With over 12 years of expertise in Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Reporting, and Technical Presentations, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. My strengths lie in the end-to-end implementation of BI solutions, allowing organizations to harness data-driven insights for informed decision-making and improved performance


2.5 years of Qlik expertise, navigates data realms with finesse. Qlik Sense administration and analytics, I extract insights for strategic decisions. Python and SQL amplify my skills, unlocking data manipulation prowess. I transform raw data into impactful narratives, believing data holds a business's story. Eager to network, collaborate, and innovate in the dynamic data landscape.

Lead Web Consultant

8 years of data analytics expertise within the Qlik industry. Proficient in Qlik Sense, QlikView, and more, I excel in Embedded Analytics, UI/UX integration, and custom development. My strong track record and seamless skills enhance web apps, mashups, and extensions with advanced analytics, driving innovation and performance

Cloud Architect

Hardik's extensive 10+ years of experience in digital transformation, spanning Data Engineering and Visualization platforms, marks him as a pivotal figure in our data-driven journey. His profound expertise equips our organization to revamp data strategies, harnessing the full potential of data for growth, efficiency, and innovation.

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A Team of Experts

A Team of Experts

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